Which INNOVA longarm quilting machine is right for you?

Innova makes many different machines and options so that every quilter has a choice that suits their individual needs. We understand that there are many different types of quilters, so every option is made available depending on needs. 

At Quilts on the Corner we want to provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice for your quilting needs, budget, space and future quilting plans. We offer 4 different sizes of stand up longarm machines, two different computerized systems to fit any budget, three different sitdown desk options and our patented Pantovision option. Our quilting systems include all the basics needed to work well. We also have many additional options for quilters who want all the bells and whistles. This allows you to tailor your machine to suit you without paying for options you won't use. 

The space necessary to house a stand up longarm machine frame will often determine the quilters choice of machine and length of frame. The length of the frame, not the size of the machine, will determine the size of the quilt that can be quilted. Knowing that the INNOVA sewhead will not be able reach about 14" of the length of the frame, 7" on each side, due to the carriage/handlebars etc. you will need to have a frame wide enough to accommodate the quilts you plan to quilt. Below is a chart with mattress/quilt sizes. Generally speaking, a 12' frame will accommodate a king sized quilt and a 10' frame is necessary to quilt queen sized quilts.


All of the INNOVA Longarms come with the top of the line Lightning Stitch regulator.

You can choose any frame length you like. This make INNOVA a great choice for quilters who have a limited sized area but want the frame as long as possible. If you have a nook that is 10' 4"....we can custom design the frame to maximize that area.

18" INNOVA longarm

  • This machine throat is 18" deep and 11" tall
  • This machine frame depth is 55" x length of frame 
  • Quilting area is 13.75" deep
  • This smaller sized machine works well for people who are interested in the lower cost machine and aren't bothered if the quilt top needs to be rolled a few more times 

 22" INNOVA longarm

  • This machine throat is 22" deep and 11" tall
  • This machine frame depth is 58" x length of frame
  • Quilting area is 17.75" deep
  • This machine size is the most popular for freehand quilters
  • This machine can also be computerized

26" INNOVA longarm

  • This machine throat is 26" deep and 11" tall
  • This machine frame depth is 64" x length of frame
  • Quilting area is 21.75" deep
  • This is our most popular choice for people who choose to computerize their machine.
  • This machine works well for computerization and freehand use


All our INNOVA machines are build with the same high quality parts. The bearings, aluminum, gears etc. are all the same regardless of which machine size you choose.