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Thread Break Sensors




Minky and Red-E-Edges



Its possible that the Red Snappers can make a little "bump" against the extended base plate of the lip on a longarm throat. If that happens, this should help eliminate the bump. This Red Snapper Lift is made to fit the INNOVA longarm. 

This great tip from Renae Haddadin helps makes it fast and easy to create scalloped borders without marking your quilt. 


In this video Renae Haddadin shows how to load a quilt on an INNOVA longarm using the Red Snapper loading system. The process is very similar regardless of the brand of longarm system.

Using Red E Edge side clamps is a great way to hold the entire side even. There are three sizes, 12", 16" & 19" so find the best size for your throat on the product page.


This technique is a great way to improve the starts and stops on the show quilts. It might not be practical on your every day kind of quilt...but you get to decide what you like best.

If you are new to longarm quilting WATCH THIS FIRST. Many new quilters have a problem with ugly knots and threads on the backs of their quilts. In this video you will learn how to prevent this problem.

The skill of recognizing a beautiful stitch is crucial to getting one. By setting the bobbin first and then adjusting the top tension you learn a simple "recipe" that should help you achieve that gorgeous stitch quickly and easily.

Learn how to make sure that your longarm leaders are centered so that quilting is square and straight. This tip works on every brand of longarm quilting machine, INNOVA, Gammill, APQS, A-1, HandiQuilter, Bernina and Tin Lizzie. Quilting machines may have different leaders, but the principle is the same for all.

Learn this great trick to keep your quilt backs square and your quilt tops straight. You don't need to purchase expensive printed leaders to have inches marked on your longarm quilting machine leaders. This trick works for all brands on longarm quilting machines.

This shows how the amazing stitch of the INNOVA longarm. Our powerful motor and superior quality makes us BUILT TO QUILT


This is a great tool to mark a quilt for designs based on a grid. Renae uses her INNOVA longarm to freehand designs that intersect with the marked grid. 

This is a great marking pen to use on dark fabrics. Regardless of what quilting machine you use, it is a great option.


INNOVA built to quilt