The Business of Longarming - 29 Feb at 10 am

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Do you want to start a longarming business? Have you already started taking in client quilts? Are you overwhelmed and unsure about your next step?

Many new longarm owners say their machines are “just for themselves''. Of course, it doesn’t take long before someone finds out about that new longarm and asks for a quilt to be done!

But it doesn't matter where you are in your longarm journey- this class is for you! This class will be aimed at preparing new business owners as well as those who are looking to make their business more effective.


The class will be taught by Renae Haddadin, owner of Quilts on the Corner in Sandy, Utah. Renae has been quilting professionally for 20 years. She has owned Quilts on the Corner for 6 years as the regional INNOVA dealer- recently opening a secondary location in Bosie Idaho. Her business experience with both a home-based operation, thriving on-line business as well as two brick and mortar stores means that she has the expertise to provide specific training to help others meet their business goals.

Renae will discuss everything from how to choose the right longarm to the importance of a business plan. She will discuss common issues specific to running a longarm business such as, tax implications and how to market your business. How to market yourself and maintain a positive client growth will also be covered. Renae will give insight into managing a fiscally sound business. A huge part of a successful business is customer communication. You will be prepared to handle customer interactions and avoid potential problems!

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