Weaving Accessories

  • Ultra Umbrella Swift Ultra Umbrella Swift

    Ultra Umbrella Swift

    **Please note that this item is drop-shipped directly to you from the manufacturer and may take 3-4 weeks to arrive. Shipping is FREE on this item. The Ultra Umbrella Swift is ingeniously designed with features you will love. The optional revolution...

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  • Winding Station

    Winding Station

    **Please note that this item will be drop shipped directly to you from the manufacturer and may take 3-4 weeks to arrive. Shipping is FREE for purchases over $100. What a great place to keep it all—cones, spools, yarn balls, and tools. A...

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  • Fringe Twister

    Fringe Twister

    Schacht’s Fringe Twister makes creating the final finishing touch quick, easy, and comfortable. We’ve re-designed the traditional straight-style twister into our curvaceous one. It wasn’t aesthetics that dictated this change, but rather...

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  • Warping Paddle

    Warping Paddle

    Warping paddles can save you time when you’ve got to measure many warp threads. Our paddle can measure up to 20 threads at a time. The slot-and-eye design alleviates the need to handpick the cross. Clamp the square handle to a shelf or table...

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  • Warping Pegs

    Warping Pegs

    Warping pegs are the simplest and most portable warp-measuring tools. They clamp to a table or counter, with the single peg placed at one end of the warp length and the pair of pegs placed at the other end. The set includes two clamps.

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    Heddle Hooks Heddle Hooks

    Heddle Hooks

    Heddle hooks are available with two blade lengths: 4-1/2″ and 7-/2″. Use for threading heddles on a harness loom or for threading rigid heddle reeds. There is also a smaller version made for the Cricket Loom. Our brass S-shaped reed hook is...

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  • Weaving Pirns

    Weaving Pirns

    Our pirns come in 6″ and 8″ sizes. They are made of plastic and are tapered. Choose the 6″ length for the 12″ end-delivery shuttle and 8″ for the 15″ end-delivery shuttle. They come in packages of 5.

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  • Weaving Bobbins

    Weaving Bobbins

    Our plastic bobbins come in three sizes, in packages of 10. They have specially designed ends for trouble-free release of yarn. 4″ bobbins fit our 9″ mini, 11″, and both double-bobbin boat shuttles 5″ bobbins fit our 13″...

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    Bobbin Winders

    Bobbin Winders

    Our hand bobbin winders are available in single-end and double-end models. The single-end winder has a tapered shaft that will accommodate bobbins up to 6″ long. The double-end winders can be used for bobbins, pirns, and large-flanged...

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    Now: $62.00
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  • Warping Boards

    Warping Boards

    Warping boards are the most commonly used measuring devices. Our warping boards are available in two sizes: the 14 yard warping board measures 36″ across and the 4-1/2 yard warping board measures 18″ across. To withstand the strain of...

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