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Rental Fees: $120 per day

This option is available for those that have completed the Longarm Rental Quilting Class only and are comfortable quilting without assistance. *Please see below for details on that class.

Included in the rental fee:

-Your charges cover your entire day.  No discounts or refunds will be given for unused time. Our shop is open from 10-5 Monday-Friday.

-We provide use of the cutting table to square-up your backing before quilting, or to trim your quilts after you are finished quilting, but please bring your own rotary cutter.

-You must remove your quilt from the machine and be ready to leave the shop by closing time unless we have worked out arrangements in advance.

 -You may opt to free motion or you can use your own pantograph. We will be offering Pantovision as well. Pantovision is a free motion aid that enables you to quilt from the front of the longarm.

-We are willing to order pantographs for you, if you find a design you would like to use.  Pantograph orders must be placed in advance of your rental day to ensure they arrive in time.

-You are responsible for cleaning up after you are finished with your session, including picking up loose thread, putting away tools, thread spools and general tidying up.

: To insure proper operation of our machine, we will wind and change all your bobbins using any high quality thread that we carry. We carry cones of Superior thread and Innovatech in a variety of weights and colors. So Fine can also be used in the bobbin.


Studio Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday, 10AM-5PM. Machine rental is by appointment only; please call ahead to make your reservations. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, we ask for 24 hour notice. Reservations must be paid for in full when scheduled.

Payment: We accept Cash, Check, or Visa, MasterCard or American Express. 


Longarm Rental Quilting Class Cost: $150 (includes rental for the rest of that day)
This 2 hour class is a personalized, beginner, hands-on class, taught on our Innova Longarm stitch-regulated machine. You will learn how to prepare your top, batting, and backing, load your quilt, as well as the basics of using the machine. We will also cover using basic free-style movements and how to quilt an overall pattern using a pantograph. This includes learning how to set them up on the machine, rolling the quilt using the pattern and following the pattern.

By the end of the class you will be able to quilt an overall design on your quilt. Keep in mind that this first quilt will not be without flaws ;).  But learning to longarm will be fun! You may opt to purchase a quilt kit to practice on or bring your own quilt to use.

-Your rental machine is a free motion M24 INNOVA.   If you have not certified to use this machine, you will be required to take a class prior to using it.  If you have not rented from us in the last 6 months,  you will be also required to take the refresher class.  The Class is $150 and includes a full day of rental with the class fee.  Your class will run approx. from 10 am to noon, and the rest of that SAME DAY will be yours to use.



We realize that it will take a few sessions to become completely familiar with the system, and are always present in the studio during your sessions. So relax and quilt. We're here to assist you along the way as you gain quilting experience.

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