Rental Class

Longarm Rental Quilting Class Cost: $60.00. Everything you need is included. Just show up ready to learn.

Once you have taken the Rental Class you are welcome to rent our INNOVA longarm.

Being able to quilt your own quilts with your chosen designs is such fun!

This 3 hour class is a beginner hands-on class taught on our Innova Longarm stitch-regulated machines. You will learn to prepare your quilt top, batting and backing, load your quilt, and the basics of using the INNOVA longarm machine. You will practice using basic free-style movements and how to quilt an overall  pattern using a pantograph. By the end of the class you will be able to quilt an overall design on your quilt.  Keep in mind that this first quilt will not be without flaws ;).  But learning to longarm will be fun and your longarming skills will improve quickly with practice.

CALL 801-503-7012 TO SCHEDULE TIME FOR YOUR CLASS OR CHECK OUR CALENDAR FOR AVAILABLE CLASSES. Classes fill up quickly so call ahead to get your name added to the list.

We realize that it will take a few sessions to become completely familiar with the system, and are always present in the studio during your sessions. So relax and quilt-we're here to assist you along the way until you gain more experience.

INNOVA built to quilt