# Positivity Fabric Confetti

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# Positivity Fabric Confetti
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This pattern contains the following:

A collection of #positivity machine embroidery designs in two sizes:

LARGE - in the following formats: art60, .art, .dst, .exp, .hus, .jef, .pes, and .vp3.  Requires a hoop with an embroidery field at least 150mm x 350mm (5.9” x 13.77”). 

MEDIUM - in the following formats: art60, .art, .dst, .exp, .hus, .jef, .PCS, .pes, .VIP, and .vp3. Requires a hoop with an embroidery field that is at least. 150mm x 300mm (5.9” x 11.8”)
Be sure to load the correct files into your embroidery program.

Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for embroidery and pillow construction.

Large Design Sizes:

100% Awesome: H: 5.20”  (132.1mm) W: 11.95” (303.5mm)
Oh -So Grateful: H: 5.76”  (146.3mm) W: 11.12” (282.6mm)
So Much Gratitude: H: 5.76”  (146.3mm) W: 11.65” (295.9mm)
Kindness Matters: H: 5.67”  (143.9mm) W: 12.47” (316.7mm)
Love Respect Repeat: H: 5.58”  (141.8mm) W: 10.03” (254.7mm)
So Very Thankful: H: 5.76”  (146.4mm) W: 12.34” (313.3mm)

Medium Design Sizes:

100% Awesome: H: 4.84”  (122.8mm) W: 11.11” (282.2mm)
Oh -So Grateful: H: 5.36”  (136.1mm) W: 10.35” (262.8mm)
So Much Gratitude: H: 5.36”  (136.1mm) W: 10.83” (275.2mm)
Kindness Matters: H: 5.27”  (133.8mm) W: 11.60” (294.5mm)
Love Respect Repeat: H: 5.19”  (131.8mm) W: 9.33” (236.9mm)
So Very Thankful: H: 5.36”  (136.1mm) W: 11.47” (291.4mm)

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