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2.20 LBS
  • PatternGrid
  • PatternGrid



The PatternGrid® measures 18 inches by 12 feet, with 1 inch blocks and ¼ inch dotted lines and is made of a 10 ml. rigid plastic.  Kits include a wet erase marker, 8 oz spray bottle, ruler and cloth for wiping off your wet erase marker.

The grid was designed to make the use of pantographs and pattern placement easier for the long-arm/short-arm quilter.  No more guesswork on whether or not your pattern is straight or if it will fit.  Let the PatternGrid® do the work for you

The PatternGrid® can be used for many applications including, but not limited to the following:

  • Laser light application for pantographs
  • Laser light applications with individual sheet (non-roll) patterns
  • Dead ending pantographs
  • Custom designing borders
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