PantoVision® T2

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  • PantoVision® T2
  • PantoVision® T2


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Realize the dream...With the all-new Innova PantoVision electronic paperless pantograph system!

Use multitudes of digital edge to edge patterns to quilt pantographs at the front of your machine!

Developed by ABM International and brought to you by Innova Quilting Systems, the exciting new fully pantented exclusive PantoVision pantograph system brings you endless possibilities.   Uses thousands of digital patterns Adjust and resize your patterns! Create your own designs Do Edge to Edge Quilting Works with any Windows 8 enabled tablet The wait is over, no longer quilt from the back of your machine. Realize your dreams, put the paper away and pantograph from the convenience of the front of your machine! This package includes the mounting bracket, tablet and program. 


IMPORTANT:  If you have Lightning Stitch, you will receive a box that is designed to upgrade Standard Stitch Machines, you don't need to return this item if you don't need it.

But we DO need to know if you have a CLASSIC machine or M Series.  Please send us an email after ordering to let us know!



 PantoVision® T2

 Minimum Tablet Requirements: Microsoft Surface 4 Pro with i5 processor and 4GB of RAM or better. 

  • Complete System: MSRP $2,694.

    • Ships with Microsoft Surface Pro 6 - 128GB / Intel Core i5 / 8GB RAM.

 New Features

Swipe task bars in and out.

Double tap to bring up menus.

Pinch and Zoom.

Easy to read and touch buttons.

Modify and pin buttons.


Live update in Multiply.

Extra options in Nudge.

Updated help screens.

Active Zoom.


Add a background image.

Change Colors.

Pattern Pad Manager.



New Running View Upgrades

 Popcorn to show the path already traveled.

A tracer target to show direction at intersections.

Show grid.

Extra patterns.

Resume or move when restarting a pattern.



New Popcorn Feature in Running view.


 Included Features

  • Crumple up those paper pantograph patterns and set yourself free.
  • The first and only green pantograph system.
  • Enjoy quilting pantographs from the front of your machine.
  • Easily line up patterns when advancing your quilt.  
  • Produce limitless patterns and designs by using a fully digitized pantograph system.
  • Store hundreds of digital patterns to be quilted.
  • Designs can be attached, nested, and resized to create your very own pantograph patterns in limitless sizes.
  • When equipped with the optional Windows based Tablet PC, the PantoVison® provides you capabilities for intricate design layout, editing, and complete control of final pantograph patterns or quilt blocks.
  • Pre-Loaded with 50+ patterns, including designs from Sherry Rogers-Harrison, Jessica Schick, Sarah Vedeler, Urban Elements, Jodi Beamish, and Sharon Schamber.
  • Upload any .DXF file format patterns, or INNOVA's proprietary .PAT file format.
  • providing compatibility with thousands of digitized quilting patterns and designs.
  • Designs are available from dozens of well known pattern designers on the internet or you may draw your own by using software such as Art-n-Stitch, Autosketch or Pro-Q designer.
  • Patterns can be adjusted, resized, flipped, mirrored, copied, multiplied, and rotated.



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