Boot Camp Training

Learning the basics of your longarm machine is crucial to the enjoyment and success of your longarming journey.  This three day event is held at Quilts on the Corner, with each quilter on their own dedicated machine.  Class size is small so that each student receives the individual attention necessary to learn all they need to know to quilt with confidence.  Classes are taught by Renae Haddadin, national quilt instructor.  Renae started quilting for hire in 2002.  She understands quilting for hire, every day use type quilting and quilting for show. Since that time she has taught thousands of longarmers to quilt, traveled nationally and internationally to teach, and won numerous top quilting awards, including Best of Show in Paducah, KY two times.  Her methods have been proven time and again to produce both beautiful and well crafted quilts.

Check the calendar for upcoming classes and check back often as we are always adding more classes.  If you don't see a class you are looking for just send us a message.  The three day training course is $600. Four days, including Autopilot training is $800


DAY 1:  The first day we will cover basic longarm information.  You will learn to load a quilt on the frame. Each student will load a quilt, set up an Edge to Edge (Pantograph) quilt, learn to start and stop stitching while quilting a small lap top quilt. You will learn to adjust stitches and how the stitch control panel functions. If your machine is computerized you will learn to do this on the computer.   
DAY 2:  On day two we will cover ways to quilt various blocks. If you have a computerized machine we will use many tools to stitch 16 blocks.  Freehand, will create border designs, block designs and learn to use acrylic guides.  We will discuss machine maintenance and learn to change the hopping foot.     
DAY 3:  On the third day students will divide the striped sample quilt into several rows and use various designs and threads.  Numerous designs will be taught but the focus will be on thread. Students will use many thread types and colors to create a sample that will serve to remind them how various designs look. By the end of the day you will feel comfortable threading the machine, winding a bobbin and making machine adjustments to achieve a beautiful stitch.  If your machine is computerized you can choose to use it freehand or computer driven.   

After completing the three days of personal hands-on training, students feel confident to move forward with their longarm quilting skills. 

With the purchase of AutoPilot Mach3, we include an additional day of training to ensure you get started on the best foot possible. We will work through designing custom borders and placing block designs on a custom quilt top. We will use many of the tools you learned on day 2 and any of the computerize tools that weren’t used on the second day of class. Each student will have their own project and get a full day of hands on practice.