M28" INNOVA Longarm- with up to 12' frame

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1,000.00 LBS
  • M28" INNOVA Longarm- with up to 12' frame
  • M28" INNOVA Longarm- with up to 12' frame
  • M28" INNOVA Longarm- with up to 12' frame


This M-Series INNOVA will give you the most high tech, advanced stitching with the unparalleled quality that comes from ABM and INNOVA names....and a 28'' throat space.    This is THE machine for your longarm quilting needs.


Tested at speeds up to 4000 stitches per minute.

Automotive sound deadening insulation.

Cooling system for increased life.

10 Year limited warranty see website for details. 

Integrated Grand Format Embroidery for AutoPilot, needs only to be activated.

Another INNOVA exclusive innovation, High Definition Stitch for AutoPilot! HD Stitch allows the user to define parameters for perfect corners and points.

Viewing windows for LED diagnostics.

Integrated strip LED lighting system with black light, dim, and bright.

Integrated needle laser light.

Fully adjustable handles with multiple joints allowing nearly 360 degrees of rotation for perfect positioning.

Power button at front of machine.

Power distribution box.

Integrated Lightning Stitch control system with new horizontal orientation and new user interface

Integrated AutoPilot Robotics is required to be included with all M28 machines







Note:   The M28 will only be sold as a package with Autopilot and the combined MSRP is $41,499.  The machine is not to be sold without an Autopilot, as it requires the weight of the Autopilot to properly balance the machine.

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