Pens and Quilt Marking

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People ask all the time...

What's the best marking tool for marking the quilt top for quilting?

The simple answer doesn't sound too simple.....''It depends on what you want!''

When will you mark your quilt? Do you want to make sure it's not going to fade?

How detailed is the marked quilting design?

Are you going to wash your quilt?

The Fine Line- Collins Water Erasable Marking Pen


What's the trick to getting the marks out?
The key is to thoroughly wash out the marks with cool water...JUST WATER...FIRST.

Spritzing the marks away with a water bottle IS NOT washing away the markings, it's merely making it disappear from sight and migrate into the batting.  Washing removes the ink.   After this cool wash, then wash your quilt as needed with detergent.


BUT, never, never, ever heat the marks in your quilt.  Don't iron.  Don't leave in your project in the car.

Heat can make the ink left in your quilt reappear. Usually as a brownish marking.





Clover's White Marker

Dark Fabric?  No problem!  It takes a little while for the marks to appear (kind of like that 'spinning ball of death' on your computer when a page is loading) but they do eventually appear. All it takes is an iron to get rid of them.

Clover White Iron Water Soluble Marker

Bohin Mechanical Chalk Pencil

Bohin Mechanical Chalk Pencil
Chalk is a great option that is water soluble and can be washed out- but you may need to reapply if the design fades....this option won't last forever!

Don't forget!  Always test whatever you choose on samples of the fabrics in your quilt.

INNOVA built to quilt