Red E Edges are BACK!

Red E Edges are BACK!

Red-E-Edges are one of the products that we LOVE!   WE love items that make our quilting easier, faster and more accurate- and that's exactly what Red-E-Edges do!

These side clamps come in 3 sizes, 12'',16'' and 19'' so you can find one that is just right for YOUR longarm. These wide, light-weight, side clamps are designed to hold your back fabric snug and secure. That way you have perfect control over your tension and no more unwanted tucks or folds show up on your quilt back!

Check out Renae's demonstration of our New and Improved Red-E-Edges....All New UPDATED Red-E-Edges are designed to snap shut easily, open easily and still hold your back fabric with the perfect level of tension! We even include a lightweight, flexible ruler to aid loading minky or silky fabric. 

Pick up the perfect size for your machine here! We recommend using a size that allows you to move your sewhead around the clamp for easier bobbin changes.

12''- great for smaller machines- under 20''

16''- Great for standard sized longarms- 20-26''

19'' - Perfect for 26'' and above

Aug 19th 2020

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