In the streets of Tucson

This weekend we took a quick trip and I visited our grand kids (and kids) in Tucson. What a fantastic whirlwind of a weekend. Downtown there is a fun train platform with quilting designs all over the ground (made with tile) and in the seats and structure (cut out of metal). I hope I get the opportunity to include fun designs in some architecture at our shop!

Then we headed to the streets for an event called Tucson meet yourself. If you like should go! And what kid(s) couldn't resist cotton candy bigger than a basketball?! Hidden back behind some of the displays was a tribute/display to raise awareness and memorialize some who lost their lives to cancer. I found a great reminder to "Live each day to the fullest" which is why we were there!

Lastly, it wouldn't be a trip to the desert without a tram ride to see some cacti....right? The heat may have knocked some of us down...but they reminded me that 96 degrees is cool so I tried to "play tough" and enjoyed the views in Sabino Canyon.

The trip was short, but will be one I always remember for non-stop fun with the grand kids at an age that can't be more fun! Now I need to recover....with a boot camp at the shop. Never a dull moment around here.

Oct 16th 2017

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