Thread of Truth.

Aug 11th 2021

At the most recent guild meeting, we discussed a few places to find more information about thread.   We are including a link to "A


Aug 2nd 2021

Kimberly LOVES Kimberbell…Kimberly is one of our newest employees and while you may meet her smiling face at the front desk….we can also fin
The Flip Side - June 2021

The Flip Side - June 2021

Jun 16th 2021

The Flip Side….We spend so much time focusing on the FRONT of our quilts that sometimes we just are exhausted by the time we reach the back!

The Maggie Quilt

Feb 10th 2021

Our Newest quilt kit is available NOWThe pattern is HERE and the fabric is available HEREFrom Erica Jackman: The pa
INNOVA built to quilt