AutoPilot Mastery Class

AutoPilot Mach3 Mastery Course 

This course is comprised of 5 classes that are designed to systematically walk you through the settings and tools that make up the AutoPilot Mach 3 software. AutoPilot is a powerful program including fantastic tools that make designing and quilting fun and creative. Quilting on fabric offers challenges caused by fabric shift and draw up, but the AutoPilot program provides users with all the tools needed to make any adjustments necessary to achieve amazing results. By the end of this course, students will feel confident using all the AutoPilot tools in the toolbox.

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$250 includes all 5 classes

A booklet for each class with step by step instructions is included

Class size limited to ensure great learning opportunity for all



Notes with illustrations will be provided for each class. Bring a notebook and pencil for taking notes. If you have an AutoPilot simulator/laptop you are welcome to bring it and follow along.


Get your Game Face On! mach-3-backdrop.jpg


In this class we will start our MASTERY event by covering the AutoPilot settings, toolbars, pattern tags, hidden tools and more. This powerful program provides many options for users to customize their own preferences. By starting with the basics the next classes will have something to build on. By knowing what your choices are, you can use the program with the greatest ease.




Quilt it Quick using E2E inside or out quilt-it-quick.jpg


Edge to Edge quilting is a great choice for everyday type of quilts. Quilts that will be loved and used, or quilts with busy prints are often the best candidates for E2E quilting. These designs are time efficient, therefore economical for customers. Since our time is valuable we want to make sure we are quilting as efficiently as possible. We will also address using an E2E design in the body of the quilt and leaving space for a custom border. This class is full of tips to speed up both the design process and the quilting process to finish quilts quickly without compromising quality. If you are new to computerized quilting, there are some basic skills (like loading the quilt and achieving great tension) that you will need to know that aren’t addressed in this class. We will address the E2E portion of the quilt, not the custom border. The border design is addressed in a different class.








Turning the Cornercorner-unit.png


Borders are such an important part of custom quilting…and turning the corner beautifully with the pattern is crucial to creating a great border.


There are many ways to turn corners with quilting patterns. We will create our own corners by altering a border patter. We will assess “L” corners and how patterns and corners joins so that we get the best results. We will create a mirrored corner and form miters that look beautiful. Once we have covered how to design the corners we will address how to quilt them accurately without unloading and reloading the quilt.


Renae’s methods save time and are simple to understand and replicate. By the end of this corner demonstration, students will feel confident that they can choose the best patterns and achieve the best results on their own quilts.



Mastering the Mask mask-inside.png


When quilting there are many times that we like to avoid quilting over a specific area….or quilting only in a specific area. This is when MASKs work like magic. In this class you will learn how to mask inside and outside of a specific area. You will learn how to mask multiple patterns and achieve amazing results. We will mask appliqued designs and learn to use Mach 3’s FONT ability to create amazing block letters that are filled with beautiful quilting.


In this class Renae will share how and when a mask can help you achieve the desired effect. She will have some advice on what patterns work best to ensure that the quilting enhances the overall design of the quilt.


Slice it and Dice it! multiple-joins.png


Have you ever wished you could combine two purchased patterns into one perfect pattern? Or take one little leaf or swirl and add it into a blank area? Or perhaps create a block pattern to match a border pattern. In this class you will become comfortable using the SPLIT, JOIN, GROUP, WREATH and ENDSNAP tools in Mach 3 to take your custom quilting to the ultimate level. These skills can be used to fill the gaps in the simple quilts or make advanced frames or borders.