AutoPilot Mach 3 Computerized Quilting system

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The AutoPilot Mach 3 software is so comprehensive that it isn't possible to list all the important features....but her is a good start!

Edge to Edge can be set to custom height/width not just quilt width/height
Pattern Tagging – Creating/Managing Master Tags is now easier
Pattern Tagging – Search for patterns without tags
Nudge has additional options for nudging patterns
Rotate has additional options for rotating patterns
Faster download speeds
Can handle larger patterns
Improvements made to 8 point morphing
Improvements made to masking, can create a mask region from any pattern
Multifunction tools
Edge to Edge – Multiply/Fill limit of across/down increased
Multi-segment option within Split
Sew zone is shaded area, defaults in centered on grid
Added more options for grabbing a pattern to the sewhead
Trim has grabbers to move the line or change the angle of the line
More/Less repeats has additional options (not connected & flip options)
Edge to Edge will generate centered within the E2E width/height
Sewhead speed when moving to start point of pattern can be adjusted in Help -> Diagnostics screen
Ability to Delete tag from pattern easily
Align has new options (point and pattern, axis lock)
AutoFit can flip every other pattern or flip patterns at will
Boundary – can create multiple boundaries at a time
Boundary – can drag pattern into boundary to fit it to that boundary
Boundary – can delete/undo a previously placed point of boundary
Mouse cursor changes if Active Zoom or Pan enabled
Additional measure options
Measure – can show ruler lines
Edge to Edge – 50% offset button
Edge to Edge – drag rows/patterns to adjust row gap/offset
Crosshatch – can remove previously added point
Crosshatch – can change size/angle of crosshatch lines
Crosshatch – can rotate crosshatch lines to get desired look
Crosshatch – can draw on screen to create crosshatch region
Help -> Encryption for dongle installation & dongle code

Options for displaying start/end points on pattern (change size of points displayed, either show/hide one or both points)
Customizable screen layout (buttons, backgrounds – either Pro or Custom)
Import a project from old AutoPilot
Fill option within Edge to Edge
Optional pattern stitchout optimization
Gestures (pinch, twist, swipe)
Endsnap tool
Right-click menu
Able to have multiple pattern pads open
Remote Assist
Add favorite icons to top toolbar for easy access
Help text boxes added
Automatic crash recovery
Automatic crash reporting
Sewhead integration using Lightning Stitch screen to interact with Mach 3
· Set up sew zone
· Accept
· Preview
· Drop Pushpins
· Power assist
· Grab/Drop patterns
· Size a pattern with sewhead
Customizable layout of tools (right click to move to top, minimize sections)
Automatic Tie Off setting
Smart Pause setting
Virtual stitchout (sewing preview)
Group Manager window
Information about patterns is displayed on Pattern Library screen
Ability to add comments to patterns

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