• Rag, Rug and Ski Shuttles

    Rag, Rug and Ski Shuttles

    $37.00 - $44.00
    These broad, sturdy Rag shuttles have been traditionally used for rag weaving, though they are also excellent for heavy rug wools and bulky chenilles. Available in 14″ and 20″ lengths...
  • Stick and Belt Shuttles

    Stick and Belt Shuttles

    $9.00 - $13.00
    Stick shuttles are the simplest and most versatile of all shuttles. Ours are available in multiple lengths; we recommend you choose a stick shuttle slightly shorter than the width of your warp...
  • Weaver's Idea Book

    by Jane Patrick  This book showcases the broad range of possibilities that can be achieved with the rigid heddle loom. Included are chapters on plain weave, using color and texture,...



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