Send us you quilt
We offer edge to edge designs with our computerized INNOVA longarm quilting machine for your quilt tops. Regardless of where you live, our services are top notch! Come visit us or mail us your quilt top for excellent service.

We have a very short turn around time and a huge variety of quilting designs. We typically get your quilts done in 2 weeks or less. We have over 15,000 patterns to choose from, so whatever style you are looking for...we have it!
By using the finest INNOVA longarm machines & highest quality thread and batting, we are able to produce the highest quality results. 

The price for these services is -dwd5363.jpg
$.015 per square inch for quilts that are 8001" and over
$.016 that are 5001" - 8000"
$.0175 that are 2300" - 5000"
Our minimum charge is $40.00
To figure your total quilting expense:
length x width x $ rate = quilting fee
Patterns can be chosen from a number of different sources. At Quilts on the Corner we can quilt any Edge to Edge type pattern you find. We are always happy to make recommendations too!
We carry various batting choices. Batting is an additional charge depending on type of batting chosen.

Binding can be applied for $.15 per linear inch. You provide services for a machine finished binding. Ask to see samples of finished binding.

We take extra precautions to ensure your quilt is done well. If a job is worth doing...it is worth doing well. You may find cheaper quilting, but you won't find better quilting.
  • We do not use huge designs to speed up our production.
  • We load each quilt carefully to distribute fullness and maintain square corners
  • We offer you a choice of top quality threads...we do not use the cheapest (and often weakest) threads.
INNOVA built to quilt